Top 5 casual styles for men that will sharp up their look

Say no to graphics on tee-shirts:

The main thing an adult should do is to shed his graphic tees from wardrobe that makes him look innocent rather than give manly look. Avocado knows that boys love them because it makes you feel comfortable and gives them easy going look but stop that thing right there because when you’re in the professional world you have to dress modestly, for that you have to add formal shirts in your outfit. Indeed we all have once done that, it’s probably because wearing graphic tees was the easiest option and it goes with almost every pants. In any case, you need to quit wearing them; as you have such countless better choices like you can dress formal or wear dress shirt. Furthermore you can simply watch films in which you’ll never see an intense & manly character, smooth romantic character or heart breaker wearing a graphic and realistic tee-shirt. The possibly time you’ll see a realistic or graphic tee-shirt at the point in which the character is playing the role of either a man that has not grown mentally and still a kid, a youngster who’s studying in high school or college or he’s playing the role of a loafer.

Layer your shirt for more compulsive look:

In this fast era when we need to realize a simple method to look classy and fashionable, as we need to make a dull outfit look seriously fascinating by just adding a layer on your shirt. A lot of folks feel somewhat scared of layering their shirt because it might make them look fat or shapeless. However we should always know how to make layers coordinated well enough with your outfit. Avocado is here to let people know how a person can layer up their outfit, a plain dim sweater with pattern or dark color shirt and black pants would look perfect. Yet at the same time, it isn’t so fascinating because wearing a basic white formal shirt under the sweater could blast your style right away.

Men’s accessories:

Men’s accessories are another way to get more sharp and presentable look with tidy outfit. Therefore, Avocado proposes you to start wearing a wrist-embellishment first, because why to leave your wrist empty? Since empty wrists are really exhausting. You can wear a watch, a calfskin arm band or both together it doesn’t make any difference what and how you wear but it should not be something funky as it could ruin your formal look. Watches and men accessories are simply giving your outfit an elegant and decent look that’s why it has become essential part of dress code, coz once you start wearing it then you will feel empty when you don’t have watch or accessories on your wrist. However some people think that calfskin wristbands are also funky so they don’t prefer wearing it as it vary from person to person, but watches are the old and classy way to sharp up your formal attire.

Pants Are Important Too:

Pants are important too why we are saying this? Because people usually owned very less amount in pants and wearing same pants again n again can put you in trouble as it could look untidy and as same like you haven’t changed it since many days. In that case we should always make sure to add different kinds of pants in our wardrobe as we can add chinos they are different than usual pants and if you carry it in right way it could be best option in semi-formal look. In semi-formal or casual look people usually prefer jeans but they don’t know that it’s not the last thing; chinos are the best option because they rock in every color and make you look different as well. Therefore, in total formal look dress pants have no competition, dress pants has its own class and elegance.

Footwear’s are also essential:

As research have proven that ladies look at men’s attire from head to toe and the last thing they notice is men’s shoes. Man thinks that nobody notice their footwear, this is where men are wrong everybody notice their footwear. So in your casual attire instead of wearing normal sneakers you can add up leather boots if weather is cold and if its summers you can add joggers as well. Therefore, in footwear there are wide varieties of shoes that you can wear and sharp up your style with class, you just need to explore.

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