Top 3 Striped styles to give classy finish in your look

Top 3 Striped styles to give classy finish in your look, There are no men out there who don’t own a shirt without stripe whether it’s horizontal or vertical. Here are some styling tips that can make you decide easily which one is for formal or informal wear.


Horizontal stripe shirt:

A horizontal stripe usually comes in non-formal option in men’s clothing like sweaters, scarfs and T shirts. Why not to play around with horizontal stripe by wearing it in formal shirt, it is always fun to play with your style and it will make you realize that not only the trendy style is wearable but unique stripes are also wearable. Stripes only determine your style and make you look slim and taller because of the stripes direction; horizontal stripes can makes you look dashing.


Vertical stripe shirt:

When wearing stripe shirt you should always keep that in mind that every stripe gives different body structure. When you wear vertical stripes specifically it will give you delusion of being taller and smarter because of their straight lines. But if your lines are thicker or slimmer it can give you different illusion, so it’s really important to decide what to wear with dress pants or with any other casual pants as it can decide how you look in different patterns. So it is one of the best options in formal shirt as with vertical stripes you can contrast any tie in print or plain will go as well.


Clothes in stripes:  

Stripeare not only restricted to shirts but it can also be wearable as a muffler, pants, coat, sweat shirt, t-shirts, and jackets. It can make you look more diversify in these items of clothing, however it could lead to a more casual and funkier look. Stripes are always stylish whether it’s horizontal or vertical, you just need to mix and match it with the perfect contrast clothing item.

Nowadays people are wearing stripes in coats or blazers as well because they are bored with the old fashion plain blazers. Some grooms even start choosing full suit in their wedding outfit or in reception with vertical stripes as it gives their body a delusion to look tall and if stripes are thinner then you can give delusion of fitness in your body.

When it comes to pants then people mostly prefer to wear vertical stripes and in scarfs or mufflers then both vertical and horizontal can go, because of its straight lines it can give you elastic delusion. The best part about this thing is that you can contrast it with opposite color or with any color of your choice; you just need to have the sense of colors. AksWear is the brand that has variety of stripe shirts for all of your important occasions, so why wait when you can save up lots of time in shopping.

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